Sheriff Clarke: America Needs a Wartime Model for Fighting Domestic Terror

During an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke weighed in on the stabbing spree in London.

“I’m not going to tell the U.K. what to do, but here in the United States, we have a Constitution – I trust law-abiding citizens. We are going to have to enlist the help of armed law-abiding citizens when they visit these public spaces. We have to get rid of this crazy idea of a gun-free zone and allow citizens to play a role,” he said.

Clarke used the Israeli approach as an example.

“We are never going to end all the attacks, but in Israel, what they are able to do with the Israeli approach, to limit the carnage…if [a] stabbing starts to occur, there is a soldier or an Israeli police officer nearby because they actually occupy the area. This thing ends real quickly, the perp is dead, few casualties if any, and that’s what we want to see,” he said.

Clarke also discussed whether the U.S. needs to investigate law enforcement officials that have converted to Islam in the wake of allegations that D.C. Metro Transit Police Officer Nicholas Young attempted to help ISIS.

“We need Congress to do a reset on how we are doing domestic intelligence here in the United States. This is a very stupid way to deal with radicalized Americans…You can’t spend six years on an investigation…They spend years and years and years and nothing happens and they deem that the individual is not a threat, when they are a threat. The red flags on this guy happened well before six years.”

He added: “If you’re talking stupid we are going to make you pay. You are an enemy combatant. You need to be brought in for a thorough debriefing… and then your intelligence analysts keep up with them…We need a true domestic intelligence. We need a wartime model.”