Sen. Bob Casey: Iran Deal Will Stop Nuclear Bomb Threat

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Sen. Casey on backing Iran deal

Sen. Bob Casey discusses why he is now supporting the Iran nuke deal.

Democratic Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania is supporting President Obama’s Iran nuclear deal, despite having reservations about the agreement. On FOX Business Network’s Cavuto: Coast to Coast, Casey said his support boiled down to Iran’s nuclear program.

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“The fact that stares us in the face is that Iran right now is a nuclear threshold state just two to three months until breakout, meaning they have enough material to make a bomb,” Casey said. “We have to stop them from doing that now and in the future, and I think this agreement does that.”

In Casey’s opinion there were no other viable options on the table.

“You have to consider the agreement versus all the alternatives,” he said. “I wasn’t persuaded the alternatives were nearly as effective.”

When asked if he thinks President Obama would take military action if Iran were to break the rules of the agreement the senator said, “I’m convinced that this president would take action if they [Iran] were to break out and to try to construct a nuclear weapon.”

Casey said it doesn’t matter to him which president is in the White House, as long as the country is prepared to take action. He believes the United States has the capability to act, if necessary.

“We have a bomb, we can take out their program, but you have to do that with legitimacy and the same kind of unanimity that we had when it came to the imposition of sanctions.”

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