Scott Baio: Liberals Are ‘Hypocrites’

During an interview on the FOX Business Network’s Risk & Reward, actor Scott Baio told Deirdre Bolton why he is endorsing Donald Trump for president.

“It’s the willingness to go after whomever he’s going to be facing,” Baio said. “I think Ted Cruz is a good man. I know John Kasich a little bit… this is not a shot at them—I don’t think they have the will or the nerve to attack Hillary the way that our nominee is going to be attacked. I think Donald Trump doesn’t care. I think Donald Trump is a street fighter… you have to fight to win.”

He added: “Trump to me is the only guy—and Ted Cruz to a certain extent—who’s saying we’ve got to eliminate them [terrorists]. There’s no negotiating with somebody who wants to cut your head off.”

Baio, known for his roles in ‘Happy Days,’ its spin-off ‘Joanie Loves Chachi’ and ‘Charles in Charge,’ said he doesn’t believe being a conservative in Hollywood has impacted his career.

“All I know is that every show that I’ve ever done has made money for the studio,” he said. “It’s a business… we’re in show business. If you can make money for people they don’t really look at what your political affiliation is. If you can make them money you’re fine.”

Other stars have been outspoken about their opposition to a Trump presidency, some saying they would even leave the U.S. if he were to be elected. Baio said he wouldn’t mind seeing them go.

“I will charter a plane for them… I don’t care. My country is everything to me. I genuinely in my heart don’t care.”

He added: “If they want to leave, go… I just wish that the liberals that sort of want to follow this doctrine of what the liberals are espousing now, just give up their nice homes, their nice apartments, their nice cars and give it to the government and live in a one-bedroom apartment in the city. But, they won’t do it… they’re hypocrites. It’s everybody else, not me.”

Baio said success should not be looked at in a negative light.

“I’m a capitalist. I believe in individualism. I believe in working hard and achieving. I don’t believe in being punished for success. I think we should admire success. When I was a kid you admired it. Now it’s vilified.”