Scenes From the 2011 National Association of Music Merchants Show

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Joe Lamond is the CEO and president of NAMM. Lamond took some time to speak with FOX Business about the NAMM Convention, which took place between January 13th-16th at the Anaheim, CA convention center. Lamond said that “The biggest opportunity lies in helping customers actually make music. We are really good at the retailing side.” Lamond also noted that small businesses that have survived the recession “are going to do really well.” Q: What were some of the opportunities for small business owners this year at NAMM? Lamond: I think the way we looked at the show this year was through a couple different lenses. We are coming through a brutal recession, and it impacted every aspect of our industry. We had a tough couple of years as most industries have. We saw small businesses that had to tighten up every aspect of their business, use social media, enhance their Web sites, and really adopt the most effective use of technology for their stores. The small businesses that have come through the recession took the opportunity to reinvent themselves and listen really carefully to their customers … what they want. They offer services from teaching, to renting and repairing instruments. [Small business] made their stores the central hub of music making in their communities. That is something you can’t get on the Internet.

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