Robert Davi: GOP Needs to Coalesce with Trump to Win in 2016

Actor and singer Robert Davi, famous for his roles on the big screen and Sinatra-style crooning, is among a relatively small circle of outspoken conservatives in Hollywood.

During an interview with Neil Cavuto on the FOX Business Network, Davi explained why he thinks the “#NeverTrump” movement needs to stop.

“Let them do it so the whole GOP can self-destruct,” Davi said sarcastically. “It’s a dinosaur; it’s as old as the elephant tusks lying at the Museum of Natural History. They have a candidate now that can win a general election… if they coalesce they would win the general election and get more conservative ideas put forward than anything.”

Davi disagrees with the concerns some in Europe and other parts of the world have about a potential Trump presidency.

“Europe is collapsing right now,” he said. “They didn’t need Donald Trump—they’ve been doing it [ to themselves]. These policies that the GOP and the Democrats have put forward have failed. So now we have a guy that says I want to be a common sense conservative. A guy that can do something, a guy that can build… it’s just perplexing and it makes me very frustrated... the stupidity of this kind of talking.”

He added: “Here they have the nominee that is leading and they’re doing everything they can to destruct him. That’s perplexing to me. It’s not letting the voters and the process go nicely through what it’s going to go through.”

The big-screen star said he believes Trump has a type of trustworthiness factor that differentiates him from other GOP candidates.

“He’s telling people where he stands on certain issues and the complexity of those issues, so I feel he has an authentic voice and people see that.”