Restaurant App Resy Helps Foodies Nab Hard-to-Get Reservations

If you are a foodie looking to dine in New York City, there’s an app for that.

A new app called Resy is looking to connect diners with desirable, and otherwise unreservable, reservations – for a fee. The New York City-based team behind Resy is partnering with some of the Big Apple’s hottest restaurants (like Minetta Tavern and Balthazar) to set aside premium tables.

Resy users can use the iPhone or Android app to book reservations for a fee ranging from $10 to $50. The exact cost depends on the restaurant, day and time.

Resy CEO Ben Leventhal, who co-founded restaurant blog Eater, said Resy is also working with restaurants like Rosemary’s that don’t normally accept reservations.

“We’re offering reservations exclusively for them -- Resy is the only place you can get a reservation there,” said Leventhal. For all bookings, the fee is split between the restaurant and Resy, though Leventhal wouldn’t say exactly how the profits are divided.

So far, Resy is only operating in New York City, with about 20 local restaurants on the platform. Since launching in June, Leventhal said about 500 reservations have been booked using the app.

“We obviously would like to be in a lot of cities, like Los Angeles, Miami and Las Vegas,” said Leventhal.

Last week, Resy raised a $2 million debt round led by VaynerRSE and Lerer Ventures. Leventhal said other investors included TomsCapital, Ashton Kutcher’s A Grade Holdings and Slow Ventures, to name a few.