Railroad worker retires with fat pension after cheating time clock: Report

The wife of a retired railroad worker in New York accused of cheating his time clock to boost his pension says he’s a “hardworking, honest guy.”

The New York Post reports 22-year Long Island Rail Road veteran Raymond Murphy cashed in on more than $180,000 in overtime hours in 2018 but may have spent much of that time on his couch.

Murphy was allegedly caught at or near his home on multiple occasions in 2018 when he was supposedly on duty.

Murphy is one of more than 100 railroad workers on the New York suburban railroad line who have banked massive six-figure salaries.

One of his best years was in 2017 when Murphy pulled in $405,021, with $295,490 coming from overtime, according to government watchdog group Empire Center.

In comparison, President Trump earns $400,000 a year while New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo makes $178,509 annually.


When approached by the Post Tuesday outside his home, Murphy said: “I’m retired now and that’s all I have to say.” His wife added: “If they hired enough guys and trained them to do the job, they wouldn’t have had to call him at all hours to go to work!”

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