Presidential salaries, from George Washington to Donald Trump

Like any other job, the position of U.S. president comes with a salary and benefits.

Congress sets the salary of the president, but according to Article II of the Constitution, the president's income cannot be changed during the term he was elected to serve in.

The last time Congress chose to increase the president’s salary was in 2001, just before George W. Bush took office.

Today, President Trump makes the same amount: $400,000. That doesn’t include a $50,000 “expense allowance,” $100,000 for travel expenses or other entertainment allowances, according to Title 3 of the U.S. Code.

Even though it seems previous presidents didn't get nearly as much as Trump gets today -- George Washington made only $25,000 a year, for example -- former commanders-in chief were, in fact, well-compensated after factoring in inflation.

The first presidential salary was $25,000, which in 2019 would actually be $727,534.09, according to an inflation calculator.

Congress raised the president’s salary for the first time in 1873, up to $50,000 a year. According to an inflation calculator, that would be about $1.07 million today.

In 1909, the president’s salary was raised again to $75,000 a year, which today would be $2.1 million a year. Forty years later, in 1949, the president earned $100,000 a year -- or $1.07 million today.

By 1969, Congress raised the president’s salary to $200,000. According to an inflation calculator, that is about $1.4 million in 2019. Congress gave the president his most recent raise in 2001, up to $400,000.

In total, Congress has increased the president’s salary five times over the last 230 years since George Washington first took office.

Here’s a look at how much each of the 45 U.S. presidents made in office -- not including any outside sources of income they may have had.

1789-1872: $25,000 a year

George Washington

John Adams

Thomas Jefferson

James Madison

James Monroe

John Quincy Adams

Andrew Jackson

Martin Van Buren

William Henry Harrison

John Tyler

James Polk

Zachary Taylor

Millard Fillmore

Franklin Pierce

James Buchanan

Abraham Lincoln

Andrew Johnson

Ulysses S. Grant

1873-1908: $50,000 a year 

Ulysses S. Grant

Rutherford B. Hayes

James Garfield

Chester Arthur

Grover Cleveland

Benjamin Harrison

Grover Cleveland

William McKinley

Theodore Roosevelt

1909-1948: $75,000 a year 

William H. Taft

Woodrow Wilson

Warren G. Harding

Calvin Coolidge

Herbert Hoover

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Harry S. Truman

1949-1968: $100,000 a year 

Harry S. Truman

Dwight D. Eisenhower

John F. Kennedy

Lyndon B. Johnson


1969-2000: $200,000 a year 

Richard Nixon

Gerald R. Ford

Jimmy Carter

Ronald Reagan

George H. W. Bush

Bill Clinton

2001-Present: $400,000 a year

George W. Bush

Barack Obama

Donald Trump