Q&A With the Founder of Tremont Electric

Who: Aaron LeMieux, the inventor of nPower™ technology and founder of Tremont Electric, came up with the idea while backpacking on the Appalachian Trail.

As he hiked the 1,500-mile trail, Aaron noticed the up and down movement of his backpack, and began to work through potential solutions for harvesting this wasted energy.

What: An alternative energy company that harnesses kinetic energy to power gadgets through a device called nPower. NPower is an aluminum tube nearly 1 foot long and an inch in diameter.

Where: Cleveland, Ohio

When: Founded in 2002

Why: Never be caught with low or no battery again -- charge electronic devices as you walk, run or bike

Cell phone on its last charge? Ipod starting to fade? Don't worry -- take a walk!

The nPower:

  • Can charge most devices to an 80% charge with just an hour of walking throughout the day.
  • Is compatible with over 90% of handheld electronic devices, including cell phones, MP3 players, handheld gaming devices, handheld GPS and digital cameras

Q&A with Aaron LeMieux, Inventor of nPower™ technology and Founder of Tremont Electric

What has been the biggest challenge been for you starting the company?

The largest challenge has been being an independent inventor versus a technologist for a Research & Development department.

As the independent inventor of nPower®, a revolutionary disruptive technology, I had to simultaneously prove my credibility both as an inventor and a business leader. The largest asset of being an independent inventor, and subsequent founder of Tremont Electric, has been the opportunity to personally design a dynamic team that has the passion and ability to drive nPower® to market.

What advice do you have for others looking to create a start-up?

Take a leap of faith by devoting yourself full-time. As frightening as that seems, people will only support you and your efforts if they see that you are fully committed. You are either all in or you are set up for failure.

How do you see your product changing people's lives?

nPower® technology is scalable and has a range of life changing applications.

For individuals, the nPower® PEG [Personal Energy Generator], will allow people worldwide to create their own renewable electrical power. Individuals will be able to fully charge their handheld devices while on-the-go and off-the-grid.

For industry, the nPower® WEC [Wave Energy Converter] will create a commercially viable and low-cost renewable energy generation means that will reduce the world’s carbon emissions.