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Neil Young's Startup Hits $5M Mark on Kickstarter

PonoMusic is an iPod -like music player that promises to deliver high-resolution music .

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  1. Disney Launches Cloud Movie Service

    Walt Disney Co has launched Disney Movies Anywhere, a service for consumers to buy and watch Disney, Pixar and Marvel films online and store them in the cloud, in th...

  2. Security flaw in your Apple device?

    CrowdStrike co-founder Dmitri Alperovitch on the security flaw found in the software for certain Apple products.

  3. Major security flaw puts Apple users at risk

    Bryan Llenas reports from New York

  4. Beep Tries Tuning into Speaker Boom

    San Francisco-based Beep is trying to set the tone in the battle to wirelessly connect your favorite tunes with the sound system of your choice. The startup is run b...

  5. Could Apple Drive Away With Tesla?

    Shares of Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) popped 3% to all-time highs on Tuesday following reports Elon Musk, the electric car maker's CEO, met with Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL)...

  6. Valentine's Day gifts for the techies in your life

    Logitech's Eric Bone on why you shouldn't just give candy or flowers

  7. Valentine's Day gifts for the techies in your life

    Logitech's Eric Bone on why you shouldn't just give candy or flowers

  8. Facebook aims for coolness with 'Paper'

    Social network rolls out new app

  9. Coworker won't stop talking: Normal or Nuts?

    Dr. Keith Ablow weighs in

  10. Is Nadella the right choice for Microsoft?

    Former Microsoft executive Brad Silverberg talks about his former employee, Satya Nadella, and whether he’s right for the CEO role at Microsoft.

  11. Apple working on iPhone with larger screen?

    Enderle Group President Rob Enderle on Facebook’s fourth-quarter results and the future of Apple.

  12. And the worst passwords of 2013 were...?

    Megabyte: The worst passwords of 2013; Spotify gets physical; Can tech make you more attractive?

  1. Google's Android Wear – Don't Drink the Kool-Aid

    Last week, Google announced Android Wear , a new version of its venerable Android operating system for wearables. The search giant has made a Developer Preview immed...

  2. IPhone on the cheap

    Enderle Group principal analyst Rob Enderle and Roger Kay of Endpoint Technologies on the launch of the cheaper version of the iPhone 5c.

  3. Should You Purchase an Extended Warranty?

    You're buying a new computer. As you pay, the salesperson asks if you want an extended warranty. The cashier may call it a protection plan, insurance or a service ag...

  4. Hired!

    The President's budget is out, and so are many military jobs, possibly 90,000 that will return to civilian life.But the jobs won't be there! Don't miss my new segmen...

  5. Cheryl Casone with companies hiring right now

    Colonial Life, Maui Wowi looking for new employees

  6. New ways technology can help job seekers and employers

    Apollo Lightspeed's Rob Wrubel on how they are disrupting and transforming the traditional education market

  7. How to ditch technology and improve your career

    Four core traits of a successful entrepreneur and how 'going old school' could improve your career. Plus - How innovations in technology can transform today's educational system

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