Pro-cop small business owner threatened over American flag

A small business owner in St. Louis, Missouri is getting physically threatened for being pro-police.

Elder’s Antique & Garden owner Cherri Elder put a thin blue line American flag in front of her store in support of cops.

“We had get lady officers to patrol our area and once we got these officers, we just wanted to make sure that they knew that we were really happy that they were there,” Elder told FOX Business’ Liz MacDonald.

Elder said she received an anonymous letter threatening violence against her, saying, “Pig supporters not welcome. Flag goes down or you go down.”

The small business owner said random people were harassing her in what she says is part of the “subculture” of the area.

“They would drive by, if they would see us out, they would make obscenities and say, ‘take the blank, blank, blank, down,’ and they would spit at the window,” Elder said.

The intimidations continued on social media, where the party making the threats took to Facebook to give Elder’s Antique & Garden a negative review and disparage her business.

Elder said the beat officers have shown their support and told her she has every right to fly the flag.

“The two beat officers are African American females and I asked them if they had any problem with me flying the flag or my other neighbors flying the flag and if they did, we would take it down immediately and they said no.”

The thin blue line depicted on the American flag represents solidarity with police and honors those who've died in the line of duty.