Pennsylvania honor student to skip college for trade school

Pennsylvania honor student Raelee Nicholson’s love for cars prompted her to skip a degree from a four-year college and pursue a technical career.

“I just love the whole idea of getting my hands dirty with cars,” Nicholson said to FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on “Varney & Co.”

Nicholson scored in the 88th percentile on her college boards and her best academic subject is English, she said.

Despite the prospect of earning more money with a four-year degree, she would rather follow a profession that she enjoys.

“I think you can earn money in any career you go in if you can get the right path,” she said.

While many of her female friends will attend a four-year school, Nicholson shares her passion with other students who also support her decision.

Her parents are also warming up to her decision, she said.

“At first they thought it was just a phase and I’d do it as a hobby,” she said. “But they started to get around to it now that they know I’m serious about it.”