Peeps partners with Kellogg's, Dunkin' on Easter products

There are endless ways to enjoy Peeps. As the company grows so are all the products that come out each Easter.

“We look forward to Easter because peeps is America’s favorite Easter candy,” said Just Born, Inc. COO David Yale to Maria Bartiromo on Wednesday. “It has become a cultural icon.”

Yale said liscensing is also part of the company's growth strategy. From footwear to artwork, Peeps has expanded beyond the marshmallow chicks and bunnies that many have come to love. They have teamed with companies including Kellogg's on Peeps cereal, Dunkin' on Peeps flavored coffee and International Delight on a coffee creamer.

When Bartiromo asked how the iconic brand has drawn so many partners, Yale responded: “Actually a lot of our partners have sought us out."

"They want to have the Peeps brand as something they can leverage during the Easter holiday,” he said. “So it’s a marriage sort of made in heaven for both parties.”


According to Yale, Easter is a large part of the business, accounting for 75 to 80 percent of Peeps yearly sales.