Opposing views are increasing censorship on college campuses: Dershowitz

Famed Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz sounded off on campus protests on Wednesday during an appearance on FOX Business.

“I think today’s college students think they know the truth. They don’t have to hear an opposing point of view,” Dershowitz told Maria Bartiromo on Mornings with Maria.  “I’m not saying all students. It’s actually a small number of sensors, but they can shut down a university and college administrators haven’t been as strong as they should be in standing up to these students.”

While explaining the demographics for students expressing their views on college campuses, he argued Americans, Christians and Zionists are enforcing opposing points of views and creating “increasing censorship,” during public events and in the classroom.

“Classrooms have become propaganda vehicles where captive audiences of students are told not how to think, but what to think particularly about sensitive issues like the Middle East, the Arab-Israeli conflict, gay rights, Black Lives Matter, [and] other hot button issues. They are told what to think and they are graded on what they think rather than how they think,” he said.

Dershowitz is scheduled to address free speech at Columbia University on Wednesday evening. Despite concerns over protests, he said his is confident Columbia will protect him and hopes there won’t be efforts to shout him down.