OJ Simpson murder case, 25 years later: Ron Goldman's father details baffling 'confession'

It has been 25 years since O.J. Simpson was acquitted of murder, after his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman were stabbed to death outside her Los Angeles home.

To this day, Ron Goldman’s father, Fred, has not as much uttered the name, O.J. Simpson.

“I refer to him as the killer because that's who he is – he’s a killer,” said Goldman during an interview with FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo.

Goldman, 78, is still grieving the death of his son, who would have been 50, and what he could have become.

“All of his dreams were not fulfilled, he’s missed daily,” he said. “[He] likely ... would be married with kids. He would be running his own business. He had a business planned, he had all the plans ready to go. So he'd be doing all of that and everybody that knew him would continue to enjoy him.”

Two years after Simpson was found not guilty in the criminal trial, he was held liable in a wrongful death suit, but Goldman said he hasn’t received a cent of the $33.5 million judgment against Simpson.

But in 2007, a federal bankruptcy judge awarded the rights of the book “If I Did It,” written by Simpson, that explains how he would have hypothetically committed the murder, to the Goldman family. Fred said he altered the title to say “I Did It,” left the “If” very small, and added “Confessions of the Killer.”

“It was a very convoluted procedure. But we made the decision to ultimately publish the book because we read it and it read just like a confession,” he said.

He's very arrogant in the book, you know, everybody, nobody, could figure out this or this but ‘I know how, I know’-- of course he knew,” Goldman added.

“He puts himself at the scene but suddenly introduces another individual out of no place. And then as soon as he commits the crime, as soon as he murders Ron and Nicole, that individual disappears. So what prompted him to add that little thing on there, no one ever could figure out,” he explained.