Odell Beckham, who hates water, partners with Pedialyte

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Odell Beckham Jr. hates the taste of water so much that he has opted for IV shots during games to stay hydrated. Now, he can skip the tubes and needles and grab some Pedialyte.

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The Cleveland Browns star wide receiver has been known for a lot of things over the years, from amazing catches and Pro Bowl caliber production to some antics that certainly have raised an eyebrow or two. But at the end of the day, Beckham is an entertainer and one of the best pitchmen in the NFL. That his latest endorsement meets a need in his personal life should be no surprise.

Pedialyte is typically known as a supplement recommended by pediatricians for newborns and babies to combat issues related to hydration, but it can also be used by adults, something that few consumers know. Pedialyte is hopeful that its recent sponsorship with Beckham, announced on Friday morning, can significantly raise their profile as a viable option for active adults and athletes when it comes to hydration.

The sponsorship with Abbott, the maker of Pedialyte, is timely for Beckham ahead of the Browns season opener this weekend. Traded to the Browns this offseason from the New York Giants, he stated last year that he needed to get multiple IVs during the season to combat his distaste for water.

“I’m trying. I really just don’t like it,” Beckham said last fall. “You get that stomach feeling — it’s all slushy. I’m trying to stay hydrated. Sometimes I got to get an IV. It’s just necessary. If you’re cramping in both calves, it’s hard to run and make cuts.”

In a press release from Abbott, Beckham said that his mother suggested he drink Pedialyte to hydrate.

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The NFL, through a spokesman, said that athletes are free to drink beverages other than official league sponsor brands on the sideline. So theoretically, Beckham could use Pedialyte during games to combat the cramping that plagued him last season.

The move is a smart one from Pedialyte as it connects their brand, often relegated to the baby aisle of the drugstore and places them square in the hydration field. The adult sports energy drink market is dominated by the likes of Gatorade and Powerade, but Pedialyte is hopeful to make their own push.

Using an NFL star seems to be a way for Abbott to open Pedialyte to consumers outside of the baby market.

"With twice the electrolytes and half the sugar of sports drinks, Pedialyte is used by the toughest athletes, coaches and trainers for advanced rehydration needs. That’s why Abbott is teaming up Odell Beckham Jr. — it’s a natural extension for us — he’s one of our biggest fans," said Chris Calamari, vice president and general manager of Pediatric Nutrition for Abbott.


Beckham, who will work as a brand ambassador for Pedialyte, will also act as a creative director for the brand by contributing to marketing content and product development. As a dynamic trendsetter in many areas, including music and fashion, we’re excited for Beckham to bring his creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to the Pedialyte brand.

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