New Website Helps Small Business Leaders Take Cybersecurity Action

By Brittany HelmrichSmall BusinessBusinessNewsDaily

Cybersecurity is important for companies of all sizes, but it can be difficult for smaller businesses to keep their companies protected.

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To help businesses do this, the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) recently launched a new program called RE: Cyber. The organization  realized that many leaders of small and medium size businesses lack the resources and tools they need to protect their companies against cyberthreats.

"We want to ensure that small businesses are empowered and have smart cybersecurity plans in place to stay safe online and continue to build customer trust," said Michael Kaiser, executive director of NCSA.

The RE: Cyber program is a Web page dedicated to CEO and board cybersecurity risk management. It's meant to supply CEOs and boards with tools to understand and assess their companies' cyber risks and find ways to better manage them.    RE: Cyber features informative articles that give detailed information on cyberthreat trends tailored to CEOs and board members, and answer questions like, "Why can't my information technology staff or security consultants just handle the problem?" The site also offers outlines that explain how companies can assess their risks and implement security plans that work for them, as well as tips for helping employees understand the risks and how they can work with the company to prevent breaches.

The NCSA's ultimate goal for RE: Cyber is to get CEOs and boards to do their part to protect their companies and the country's economic future by including cybersecurity in their enterprise risk management.

"It's time to shift our viewpoint on cybersecurity from one dominated by vulnerability to focusing on building a safer, more secure and trusted Internet," Kaiser said.

The NCSA, which recently partnered with the International Franchise Association (IFA)to further the alliance's cybersecurity efforts, also collaborated with Business Executives for National Security (BENS) to create the RE: Cyber program.

Originally published on Business News Daily.