New moms claim Amazon Baby-Registry ads deceived their friends

Many new soon-to-be moms are questioning Amazon’s baby registry practices after receiving unwanted gifts.

A recent Wall Street Journal report found that a few expecting moms received items that were not on their Amazon baby registry after their friends clicked on promotional ads that were tucked into their wish lists.

The ads are made to look identical to the rest of the listed products on the registry, except for a small gray “Sponsored” tag, which many say are deceiving to unsuspecting shoppers.

The Journal also found that brands like Johnson & Johnson and Kimberly Clark Corp. both pay hefty sums to place those sponsored products on Amazon’s registries.

“Very sneaky,” Kima Nieves from Fredericksburg, Virginia, told the Journal after she received two Aveeno bath-time sets that she didn’t want from her Amazon baby registry.

“That’s friends’ and family’s money going somewhere we didn’t approve of," she added.

While an Amazon spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the report, a spokesperson did tell the Journal that it is now phasing out sponsored listings.

“We’re constantly experimenting with new ways to improve the shopping experiences for customers,” the company added.

What’s more, a spokesperson for Johnson & Johnson told the outlet that the intention of the ads is “to suggest top-reviewed products” and that they are fully transparent.

A spokesperson for Kimberly-Clark did not immediately respond to FOX Business’ request for comment.