New Alzheimer’s early-detection test, vaccine show promise: Dr. Marc Siegel

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New Alzheimer’s screening reportedly about 94% accurate

Fox News medical correspondent Dr. Marc Siegel explains a blood test in development which will be able to detect and predict Alzheimer’s, an upcoming vaccine for the disease and the debate over the NFL's new helmet.

A new blood test to detect Alzheimer’s appears to be very accurate, according to Fox News medical correspondent Dr. Marc Siegel.

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“It's about 90 percent [accurate],” he told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney, adding that “it's not just accurate in saying that you may have Alzheimer's. It's also very accurate in saying you don't have it.”


What’s more, Siegel noted that there’s also “evidence that you could get it, but don’t have it yet.”

However, while it will be another year or two before anyone is able to get their hands on one of these tests, Siegel said he is looking forward to another Alzheimer's breakthrough that also shows promise -- which could be just three years away.


United Neuroscience and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center teamed up to create a vaccine aimed at preventing the disease. According to Siegel, trials appeared to be about 96 percent successful.

“You find the protein in the blood early, you confirm it with a brain scan or it's not even on a scan yet. And then this vaccine, where you inject these proteins into your skin which causes your body to block the formation in the brain, is also coming down the pike,” he explained.

“If I package both of these things together -- early detection, early vaccine -- we may be looking at a different future,” he added.

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