NBA Inks Deal with Teen Entrepreneur for Line of Bowties

Fifteen-year-old entrepreneur Mo Bridges has signed a deal with the NBA to manufacture and sell bowties and neckties with NBA team logos.

Bridges told the FOX Business Network's Stuart Varney that appearances on ESPN led the league to sign on with his company, Mo's Bows.

“I was…about 14 and they [ESPN] hired me to be a fashion correspondent and then after that I guess the NBA said that, ‘oh, Mo is a cool guy that makes cool ties.'”

Bridges says along with being able to sell his ties in arenas across the country, the deal gives him access to NBA players who could help promote the products.

“This deal means that I can sell in more arenas and possibly I get to give the ties to some of the team players that can wear them.”

When asked about the cost for one of the NBA products, Bridges responded, “For one of these NBA bowties it would be $50 for the necktie and it would be $45 for the bowtie.”

As the company expands, Bridges said his mom has been crucial in helping him hire the right people they can trust.

“I’ve expanded just by getting new products and getting a new team.  My mom is hiring more people for social media and stuff like that.  But also, like I said, for the ties we’re coming out with more designs, more logos and more innovative ways to make the bowties new and, you know, reinvent the bowtie.”