Navy SEAL veteran's company attracts Shark Tank investors

Navy SEAL turned entrepreneur Eli Crane and his wife, Jen Crane, have grown their small business turning recycled, decommissioned .50 caliber bullets into unique household gifts, to a business that generates millions in annual revenue.

The veteran owned and operated company repurposes military equipment into kitchen gadgets, mostly known for its bottle openers.

Eli and Jen Crane pitched the idea on ABC’s “Shark Tank” and garnered the attention of billionaire investor Mark Cuban and businessman Kevin O’Leary.

With the backing of Cuban and O’Leary, the company now employs 35 to 40 people with sales of about $5 million annually.

Eli says that the inspiration for the products comes from his former boss Chris Kyle, known as the “American Sniper,” and some items even feature the names and faces of fallen soldiers.

20% of the proceeds from items that feature fallen servicemen are donated to veteran’s charities of the families’ choosing.

Though the bottle openers are a staple, the company sells other items including barbecue utensils, whiskey bullets that co-owner Jen calls “lots of fun man gifts.”