National Down Syndrome Month: Entrepreneur Helps Newborn Babies

Entrepreneur helps babies with Down syndrome

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Entrepreneur helps babies with Down syndrome

Twenty-seven-year-old Brittany Schiavone is helping babies born with Down syndrome through her nonprofit organization, Brittany's Baskets of Hope.

Brittany Schiavone has Down syndrome and she wants the world to know having special needs won't keep her or her staff from making the world a more accepting place. 

"I want to help babies with Down syndrome into the world," Schiavone, founder of Brittany's Baskets of Hope tells   

Birrtany meticulously places different items (some donated, others purchased by Brittany) into the large, wooden baskets, such as resource books, letters from herself, clothes, you name it--it'll be in there. 

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In honor of National Down Syndrome month, caught up with the nonprofit organization building baskets that welcome and encourage parents having a child with Down syndrome. 

One day, after watching YouTube videos about families helping other families with the disability, Brittany went to her parents with an idea. 

“I say mom, dad, can I help babies born with Down syndrome?” said Schiavone. “And they say, absolutely Brittany, go for it!” 

So, she sat down with her mom to discuss exactly how she wanted to accomplish that goal. 

“It took us a little while to figure out exactly what she had in mind,” Susan Schiavone, Brittany’s mom, said. “But there was born the idea of Brittany’s Baskets of Hope” an official 501 (c) organization. 

About one in every 700 hundred babies are born with Down syndrome, according to the National Down Syndrome Society, and Brittany has made it her mission to help parents better understand what it means to have a newborn with the disability. 

“I want everybody to know that babies born with Down syndrome really, really can do anything,” adds Schiavone. 

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