Murray Energy CEO Blasts Obama’s ‘Costly’ Energy Plan

Murray Energy CEO Bob Murray is fired up over the Obama Administration’s clean energy plan.

During an interview on FOX Business Network’s Mornings with Maria he said: “it’s a propaganda campaign. It is lies. It is to shore up what he thinks is going to be his legacy and what he is really doing is destroying low-cost, reliable, affordable electricity in America."

According to Murray, Obama’s clean energy plan would force 840 thousand additional people into poverty.

“He [Obama] has a bully pulpit -- and people are buying these lies… It’s sensationalism,” he argued.

Murray argues it is destroying the coal industry and costing the taxpayer more money.

“This is a very costly grab of the American power grid… has nothing to do with the environment… It is a fraud. It is crony capitalism. It is all about money, has nothing to do with the environment,” he said.