These are the most independent states in the US this year: report

As Americans prepare to celebrate Independence Day, a new study has found which U.S. states are more independent than others in 2019.

The analysis by WalletHub, published Wednesday, looked at five “sources of dependency” across all 50 states.

The five sources -- consumer finances, the government, the job market, international trade and personal vices -- were broken down into 39 weighted indicators.

Those indicators included median credit score, share of millennials living with their parents, percentage of households receiving public assistance, unemployment rate, share of jobs supported by exported goods, share of adult drug users and median daily time spent watching TV.

After each state was scored across all 39 metrics and its overall score was ranked, WalletHub found that Utah is the most independent state while Kentucky is the least independent.

Source: WalletHub

Utah also has the lowest percentage of adult binge drinkers, the second-lowest percentage of households receiving public assistance, the fourth-least federally dependent and the fourth-lowest percentage of adult drug users, according to the study.

The study also found that six states tied for the lowest unemployment rates: North Dakota, Vermont, Iowa, New Hampshire, Hawaii and Nebraska.


For WalletHub's overall ranking, here are the five most and least financially independent states in the U.S.

Most Independent States

1. Utah

2. Nebraska

3. Massachusetts

4. Minnesota

5. Colorado

Least Independent States

45. Alabama

46. South Carolina

47. Louisiana

48. Mississippi

49. Alaska

50. Kentucky