MLB's most valuable teams: Yankees worth $4 billion

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The New York Yankees are now worth $4 billion, as team valuations continue to grow across Major League Baseball.

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The newest estimates from Forbes show that the Yankees are worth 8% more than last year. The Bronx Bombers posted revenue of $619 million and an annual operating income of $14 million in 2017. The average MLB club is valued at $1.645 billion, a 7% increase, although operating income fell due to heavier spending on marketing, player development and analytics, Forbes said.

Only one other team is worth more than $3 billion: The Los Angeles Dodgers’ value has jumped 9% to approximately $3 billion, and the team’s operating income topped the Yankees at $68 million.

The Chicago Cubs are valued at $2.9 billion, while the San Francisco Giants are pegged at $2.85 billion.

The Tampa Bay Rays round out the list of 30 big-league teams with an estimated value of $900 million. The Miami Marlins, who were sold last year to an investor group that included Derek Jeter, are ranked No. 29. The Marlins fetched $1.2 billion in the sale, though Forbes estimated the team’s current value at $1 billion.

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​ Here are the 10 most valuable MLB teams, according to Forbes:

  1. New York Yankees ($4 billion)
  2. Los Angeles Dodgers ($3 billion)
  3. Chicago Cubs ($2.9 billion)
  4. San Francisco Giants ($2.85 billion)
  5. Boston Red Sox ($2.8 billion)
  6. New York Mets ($2.1 billion)
  7. St. Louis Cardinals ($1.9 billion)
  8. Los Angeles Angels ($1.8 billion)
  9. Philadelphia Phillies ($1.7 billion)
  10. Washington Nationals ($1.675 billion)

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