Millennials' love for handwriting brings back pencils

Handwritten notes are on the rise, according to a New York Post report that showed 87% of millennials value handwritten notes over other means of communication.

One small business owner has recognized this trend and is capitalizing on it with a store that only sells pencils.

“It’s a craving for something tactile,” C.W. Pencil Enterprise owner Caroline Weaver said on FOX Business’ “Mornings with Maria.” “Tools like this aren’t something that’s a necessity anymore. It’s almost sort of a novelty.”

Weaver said her New York City shop draws people of all ages, especially the younger crowd.

“In the very beginning when we opened I was shocked by how many younger people were interested. I thought I was the only millennial who really cared about this stuff,” she said. “But I’ve definitely been proven wrong.”

She added while having an online store is important, for this particular niche having a store front is key for business.

“For a lot of people I think it’s a nostalgia thing,” she said. “If we didn’t have a brick-and-mortar store the experience wouldn’t be there.”