Meet the Corvette AeroWagen: A sports car and station wagon

Callaway Cars CEO Reeves Callaway discussed the Callaway Corvette AeroWagen, the first ever Corvette station wagon, telling the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, “The AeroWagen is a treatment to the back of the car that increases the luggage space.”

When Bartiromo questioned, “It’s a Corvette, so how do you make the claim that this is a station wagon?” To which Callaway responded, “How many golf bags can you fit in here?  Three.”

Callaway then added, “It’s a stretch, but it’s a wagon.”

Despite the station wagon moniker, the Corvette still has the high-end sports car engine.

“You know, 757 horsepower, is that enough?  It’s just about as much as the tires can handle in a really dutifully crafted, you know, eight-speed 206 mile-an-hour car.”

When asked about the cost of the customized Corvette, Callaway responded, “Well, it probably costs less than you think it does, because the base price of a car like this is about $75,000 and the one the way this is optioned up is about $130,000, so there is the range.”

Bartiromo then asked which options are most frequently requested, Callaway responded, “Most important is power, so when we look under the hood we’ll see how we make 757 horsepower.”