McDonald’s allowing franchisees to pick all-day breakfast menu items

McDonald’s announced Tuesday it will be allowing U.S. locations to trim down their all-day breakfast menu options in order to decrease wait times and streamline performance.

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The fast-food chain said franchisees in the U.S. by this fall could pick and choose which breakfast items they would like to offer past the 10:30 a.m. morning service period, The Wall Street Journal reported. The move would allow operators to decide which food items they would like to keep due to popular demand while dropping ones that don’t sell well.

McDonald’s said operators can't stop offering the all-day breakfast items completely.

McDonald's is allowing franchisees to choose which breakfast items they would like to keep on the all-day menu. (iStock)

The move is geared toward helping franchisees “streamline their operations,” although some believe the menu varying in locations across the U.S. could cause confusion among customers.

“For the consumer who moves around from Boston to L.A., they might not get that,” Robert Byrne, consumer insights’ senior manager at Technomic Inc., told The Journal.

The chain disputed the concern and said its tests to allow franchisees to curate their own all-day breakfast menu have not confused McDonald’s fans.

“This refresh follows a series of tests to improve kitchen execution and the overall experience for customers,” the company said.

McDonald’s saw a boost in sales after announcing in 2015 it was adding all-day breakfast menu options in the U.S. The move, however, has slowed down operations and led to longer wait times in U.S. restaurants, The Journal reported.


New menu options and burgers with more complicated toppings have also contributed to delays.

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