McDonald's sued for $5M over unwanted cheese on Quarter Pounders

Two McDonald’s customers filed a lawsuit against the fast-food giant, alleging they were forced to pay for cheese that they didn’t want on their Quarter Pounders and Double Quarter Pounders.

The diners said they had to spend an additional 30 to 90 cents for slices of cheese they didn’t want or ask for, according to a class-action suit filed this month in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

According to the suit, defendants Cynthia Kissner and Leonard Werner were forced to order the Quarter Pounders without cheese at McDonald’s, and then had to remove it themselves.

Micky D’s previously sold Quarter Pounder sandwiches with and without cheese, with prices adjusted accordingly. Burgers without cheese -- which are no longer available, according to the suit -- were cheaper.

The suit asks for $5 million, claiming customers have been “forced” to buy overcharged products by paying for cheese they didn’t want or order.