Looks Matter! The Real Winner at the Rio Olympics

What’s behind the Rio Olympic logo?

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What’s behind the Rio Olympic logo?

The team behind the Rio Olympic logo reveals what it really took to create a truly iconic design.

All eyes are on the Rio Olympics, but the games are not the only thing on display. The 2016 Rio Olympic logo made its debut and has since been branded on medals, billboards, t-shirts and everything Olympic across the globe. The logo was designed by the team at Tátil,

“Our challenge was to create the human brand. That could translate the energy of the Olympics, the way we receive people here, our lifestyle and at the same time represent our nature” Gelli told FOXBusiness.com.

After getting the bid from the Olympic Committee in 2009, beating out 138 other design agencies, Gelli and team hit the ground running.

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“We decided to put to work everyone together. Not to establish different groups…not only the designers but our receptionist, our IT people, really everyone took part” said Gelli.

The first 3D logo in Olympic history, Gelli and team wanted to represent Rio, its landscape and people in a very special way --blending the infamous Sugar Loaf Mountain, as well as other key icons of the city.  

“When we decided to make the sculpture, we decided we should put all of the curves of the mountains of Rio, not only the main shape of Sugarloaf that is easy to see because it is iconic. All of the other curves come from the mountains of Rio. People don’t know about this.”

"All of the other curves come from the mountains of Rio. People don’t know about this.”

- Frederico Gelli

Besides the shape, each color has a special meaning; the green for their forests as well as the idea of optimism the people of Rio inhabit. The blue symbolizes the beautiful oceans, waves and sky as well as the flow of energy and life in Rio. And finally, the orange represents the tropical color but also how the people of Rio receive and welcome others.

“People started seeing special meanings…this result comes from the amount of creative energy we put there.“

As spectators celebrate the achievements of the world’s greatest athletes during the games, one must acknowledge a truly historic win for design. 

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