Lohan Sues Rapper Pitbull, Sony Over Song's Jail Stint Reference

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan has filed a lawsuit against the rapper Pitbull for referencing her jail stint in his song, "Give Me Everything," the New York Post reported Friday.

The lyric "Hustlers move aside, so Im tiptoein, to keep flowin/ I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan," includes "unwarranted, unauthorized and unfavorable mention of plaintiffs name," according to the lawsuit filed in Nassau County.

Although Lohans incarceration made international news, her lawyer, Stephanie Ovadia said "theyre using her name without compensation."

Fresh from beating the E-Trade baby in similar litigation which was settled out of court, Lohan is hoping to collect from Pitbull, Sony and songwriters Ne-Yo and Afrojack.

The E-Trade lawsuit involved a 2010 Super Bowl E-Trade commercial which referenced a baby as "that milkaholic Lindsay." Lohan claimed that character was based on her.

In the current lawsuit, Lohan is demanding all profits from the song, and all copies of the recording, contending that the rappers "knowingly participated, aided and conspired with to violate plaintiffs right to privacy."

The song, which debuted last March, caused Lohan "great mental anguish and pain," the lawsuit says, and the defendants should pay compensatory damages of "a substantial sum of money to be determined."

Pitbulls lawyers could not immediately be reached for comment.

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