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Neil Cavuto’s take on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential bid

FBN’s Neil Cavuto weighs in on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential bid, Lindsey Graham and Dick Grasso.

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  1. American ISIS members returning to the U.S.?

    Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses ISIS in America and Rand Paul’s potential bid for president in 2016.

  2. Which products has your smartphone replaced?

    FBN’s John Stossel demonstrates which products were replaced by a single smartphone.

  3. Elevator Pitch: Juicing box subscription Farmivore

    Shankman/Honig Partner Peter Shankman, StarVest Partners Vice President Todd Breeden and New York Angels Investor Nisa Amoils weigh in on Farmivore after a pitch from CEO Greg Levitt.

  4. Spring break activities getting out of hand?

    Fox News Medical A-Team’s Dr. Keith Ablow discusses the growing concerns associated with spring break on Florida beaches and TV for toddlers.

  5. Delta rolls out pet-tracking service

    FBN’s Maria Bartiromo, Jo Ling Kent and Liz MacDonald discuss the headlines of the day.

  6. Best moments from Risk & Reward

    Risk & Reward commemorates its first anniversary with the best moments from the year.

  7. Big bucks in D.C. real estate

    FBN’s Cheryl Casone on the types of properties available in the Washington, D.C. real estate market.

  8. Energy, utilities the quarter’s worst performing sectors

    Claman on Call: FBN’s Cheryl Casone with an after-hours web exclusive on the markets, negotiations to reach a nuclear deal with Iran before the deadline.

  9. Iran backing off nuclear deal?

    Fox News National Security Analyst KT McFarland discusses the approaching deadline of the U.S.-Iran nuclear deal.

  10. Unemployment outlook

    Canaccord Genuity Equity Strategist Tony Dwyer and JPMorgan Chase Chief Economist Anthony Chan discuss where to put new money to work and their outlook for March jobs numbers.

  11. Chaos in the Middle East: Is Iran winning?

    Washington Times Online Opinion Editor Monica Crowley discusses the chaos in the Middle East and Iran.

  12. President Obama to slow pace of troop withdrawal from Afghanistan

    Claman on Call: FBN’s Cheryl Casone with an after-hours web exclusive on the markets, plans to slow the U.S. troop withdrawal in Afghanistan, President Obama’s relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the latest on the crash of a Germanwings plane in the French Alps.

  1. Does Hillary Clinton have what it takes to be president?

    Former Reagan Economic Advisor Art Laffer weighs in on Bill Clinton’s presidency and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential bid.

  2. Stossel 04/03/2015: Creative destruction

    Is it good when innovation causes people to lose jobs and industries to shift? Stossel and guests debate

  3. The key to combating hackers

    New research by Symantec finds ways for businesses and consumers to combat hackers. Vice President Samir Kapuria breaks down the key findings from the report.

  4. Four new episodes of Game of Thrones leaked

    Four of ten new episodes of HBO’s Game of Thrones were leaked in its fifth-season’s opening weekend. FBN’s Jo Ling Kent and The Wall Street Journal’s Ryan Knutson discuss.

  5. The U.S. cybersecurity landscape

    SecurityScorecard CEO Aleksandr Yampolskiy discusses how U.S. companies can protect against cyber attacks.

  6. Trend Micro: Sony -like attacks on U.S. are inevitable

    Trend Micro just released a new report that shows how many businesses are vulnerable to Sony -like attacks. Trend Micro Chief Cybersecurity Officer Tom Kellermann breaks down the report.

  7. Vacation nightmare: Banned pesticide suspected in family’s illness

    Rheumatologist Dr. Rosie Chauhan on an illegal pesticide allegedly sickening a family vacationing at a U.S. islands resort.

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