Actor Kevin Sorbo: Universal Studios canceling 'The Hunt' is the ultimate PR campaign

Actor Kevin Sorbo said Universal Studios' decision to cancel its controversial flick "The Hunt" is the "greatest PR campaign that ever could have happened."

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“When this movie comes out – and trust me — this movie will come out — it will have a huge opening weekend because they created this amazing curiosity to what all the controversy is about,” Sorbo told FOX Business host Trish Regan on Monday.

Although Sorbo has not seen the movie, he said the subject matter is thought-provoking.

“On the surface it’s interesting to me that they make a movie about liberals that are shooting up conservatives ... I guess I should say deplorables, right?” he said.

“And we all know that liberals say that they hate guns. But then I think of, you know the flip side of it all I look at what happened with reporter Andy Ngo and you have this angry mob that attacks and beats him up leaves him with a head injury. So you’re going, oh, maybe they’re saying that liberals must love guns because you look at the last century, you look at 100 million people dying under the socialist banner through Mao and Pol Pot and Stalin and Hitler. You’re like going, OK, this is kind of interesting to me,” he explained.


In Sorbo’s opinion, the government has too much control over people's lives.

“We are supposed to have a government that’s you know of the people, by the people, for the people. We don’t even teach that anymore within the government. Because the government doesn’t want that out there,” he said adding that “we need to become more involved.”