Jon Taffer: Middle Class tax cuts a boon to restaurants

Jon Taffer, best known as host of the reality series “Bar Rescue” on Spike TV, supported President Trump’s plan for middle class tax cuts during an appearance on FOX Business.

“Every dollar that goes from the public to private sector, it’s our economy, and fuels our growth,” he told Stuart Varney on Varney & Co.

President Trump on Wednesday will visit North Dakota, where he will be joined by Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp, to discuss his plans for tax reform and tax cuts. In Taffer’s opinion, this improves Trump’s chances of bipartisan support.

“To think that he’s sitting with [a] Democrat representative for the first time, I think, in a constructive way, they are traveling together, is terrific,” he said. “The fact that he won that state by 36 points might have a little something to do with her presence, but the fact that she’s there is terrific and bipartisan, even if it’s a couple, is a big start.”

While Taffer believes “relief across the board works,” middle class tax cuts will have a positive impact on the restaurant industry.

“Not only a shot in the arm for the restaurant business from a consumer standpoint, but… the largest private employer in America other than the government is the restaurant industry, when we look at the impact on all of the employees that work in the restaurant industry, again, it impacts everyone,” he said.