J.K. Rowling to release 4 new e-books on ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘rich history of magic’

J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore Publishing announced it would be releasing four short e-books on the “rich history of magic” that will take readers to the “heart of the Harry Potter stories.”

Pottermore Publishing said in a statement the four shorts would be titled, “Harry Potter: A Journey Through Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts,” “Harry Potter: A Journey Through Potions and Herbology,” “Harry Potter: A Journey Through Divination and Astronomy” and “Harry Potter: A Journey Through Care of Magical Creatures.” The defense against dark arts and potions shorts were slated to be released on June 27. The release date for the other two was not immediately announced but was said to “follow soon after.”

Rowling, who penned the extremely popular “Harry Potter” wizarding world series, has also written books related to the fantasy series including, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” and “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.” Scholastic has sold more than 160 million copies of the “Harry Potter” series in the U.S. alone, coming in around $8 billion in sales, CNBC reports. According to Entertainment Weekly, the “Harry Potter” franchise is worth an estimated $25 billion.

The popular books were spawned into extremely successful movies that starred Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe. The films grossed about $7.7 billion worldwide.

The "Harry Potter" wizarding world series sold more than 160 million copies in the U.S.

Besides book sales, “Harry Potter”-themed toys and games have also garnered more than $7 billion in sales, according to CNBC.

"The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" at Universal Studios Hollywood. (Getty Images)

To add to the empire, “Harry Potter” was incorporated into a number of amusement parks including Universal Studios Orlando, Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Japan.


With the success of “Harry Potter,” Forbes estimated Rowling’s worth to be around $650 million in 2017. The media outlet noted the number would be higher but Rowling has donated $150 million to charity over time.