Is Trump the Man for Small Businesses?

According to a survey from the National Federation of Independent Business, U.S. small business confidence fell in February. Suzy Welch, author of “The Real Life MBA” suggests there are multiple reasons for the decrease.

“What small business people are expressing with this lack of confidence is that they’re uncertain,” Welch told FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto. “They’re uncertain about the election, they’re uncertain about regulation, they’re uncertain about the minimum wage going up and they’re uncertain about what’s happening in China… so they’re in this environment where it feels again suddenly like there’s zero visibility.”

Welch shared her thoughts on how some small businesses feel about GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

“I have a theory that nobody is paying attention to Donald Trump’s actual policies, such as they were,” Welch said. “So when he says ‘I’m going to slap tariffs here’ they say ‘yeah, yeah, the details will get worked out when he gets there. What I like is his strengths. I like his toughness. I like his loving of America. He feels more like me than any of the other candidates.’”

Some voters have complained that Donald Trump hasn’t defined his policies and plans. Welch explained why she believes it isn’t necessarily worrying small businesses.

“Americans know from experience that you can sit there and talk about all your policies and all your positions,” Welch said. “Then they get to Washington and it all sort of falls to pieces or it gets negotiated and moved around. People are tired of that. They’re actually looking for somebody who sort of shares their general feelings about America and their toughness.”

Welch also commented on Wall Street’s reaction to the presidential election.

“There’s an element on the Street that says ‘we know Hillary, and Hillary will come around.’ But, I think right now everybody’s scratching their heads.”