Is Hillary Clinton’s Email Server More Secure Than the Government’s?

Is Hillary Clinton’s email server more secure than the government’s? Andrew Ziem, creator and co-founder of BleachBit, the software allegedly used by Hillary Clinton’s team to permanently wipe emails, joined the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney to discuss security and the candidate’s comments over her use of a private email server during a forum on NBC Wednesday night.

“Security is a very complicated thing and it seems irresponsible and odd for her to approach the security problem by setting up her own email system instead of working with the State Department to secure their systems,” he said.

The former Secretary of State said unlike the State Department, there is no evidence her private email server was hacked, noting “most of the government systems are way behind the curve.”

“Lack of evidence certainly doesn’t mean that the Russian hackers or other people didn’t make it into her server and that they weren’t able to access classified documents,” said Ziem.

He also discussed why the software was designed.

“What we heard was the IT professional at Platte River Networks used BleachBit on her server but when I designed it, and started it in 2008, I had in mind…everyday law abiding citizens who just want to clean junk up on their system, get clutter off and ensure his own privacy.”