IRS Releases List of Targeted Groups


IRS releases full list of targeted groups

Ed Greim, the lawyer representing 426 conservative groups suing the IRS, on the lawsuit and list of organizations targeted by the government agency.

The Internal Revenue Service on Monday released a list of more than 400 groups who were singled out for conservative tendencies. The release comes three years after news of the government agency’s scandal broke.

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Edward Greim, the lawyer representing the more than 400 groups in a class action lawsuit, joined the FOX Business Network to discuss the case.

“We already know that the IRS, at least in the initial stages, intended to pull out groups that were a part of what it believed were the Tea Party movement,” he told Deidre Bolton. "Certainly it used those names themselves, and in fact Lois Lerner admitted to that and apologized for it. They’ve since walked back that apology.”

However, Greim said he and his clients cannot say the agency is admitting fault at this time.

“What they’re doing is they’re releasing the list of groups who were all pulled out and treated differently by them,” he said. “But they have not admitted fault yet. That is still something we’ve got to establish in our case.”

According to Greim, the case will not go to trial until next summer, but he will be making use of the time in between.

“We’ll be using this time to get discovery, take depositions , put people under oath and uncover all the inner workings of the targeting scheme,” he said.