Toxicity of the Internet: How much time spent online may contribute to your anxiety

The extraordinary time spent on the Internet has become such a toxic force and is creating a higher level of anxiety for some, according to the Wall Street Journal's Deputy Editorial Board Editor Dan Henninger.

In his latest op-ed piece, Henninger takes a deep dive into the toxicity of the Internet.

“The human brain was not created to be so inner-directed, so self-absorbed and that is a formula for trouble now reflecting itself in ever-higher levels of anxiety,” he said on “Varney & Co.” Thursday.

Henninger said social media has turned society into a generation consumed with a self-absorption that’s reflective of the El Paso and Dayton mass shootings. He suggests young people turn their heads away from the Internet and focus on doing things out in the world, otherwise, they will disappear into an unrealistic world.

“Forget alt-right, forget alt-left, that world online is an alternative reality,” Henninger said.


He adds that Silicon Valley parents have taken the initiative of banning their children from spending too much time on their mobile phones or tablet screens because of the danger it may permeate through their development and growth.