How Millennials are Changing the News Landscape

With busier and busier lifestyles, media companies such as theSkimm are helping millennials and people of all ages stay informed on the latest news.

“Everyone, whether you’re a millennial or not, [is] short on time, and what we’ve seen in how they responded to theSkimm is that we’re fitting directly into their routine,” theSkimm Co-Founder Carly Zakin told the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

Zakin discussed the company’s election coverage as an example.

“Obviously this is an audience that is a huge election voter bloc that everyone is trying to reach. We’ve seen tremendous interest in our election coverage and how we’ve really been featuring the candidates like it’s a job interview,” said Zakin.

TheSkimm Co-Founder Danielle Weisberg discussed the factors behind the company’s success in the demographic.

“I think one of the things that we found with this audience is that you have to be authentic to reach them, and we’re part of the demo,” Weisberg continued, “but not everyone is doing it in an authentic way, and just because they’re busy women who are waking up and they’re on the go doesn’t mean that they just want female focused news, of course not. They want to hear about what’s going on in the world,” theSkimm Co-Founder Danielle Weisberg said.

On comments that millennials don’t care about the news, Weisberg said, “They are, that doesn’t make any sense, everyone wants to be informed, it’s just that they’re busy and you need to create a different form of news to fit into their lives.”

Weisberg then talked about the company’s expansion beyond its successful newsletter with a new app.

“We really started with the newsletter, that’s the anchor to our company, the free product. We have well over 3.5 million active subscribers which is really unprecedented and that product really breaks down what happened yesterday, what happened this morning. But we saw a need in the market for this busy audience to know what they need to plan around, what’s going on in the future and that’s what Skimm Ahead does,” said Weisberg.