How ‘Boring’ Companies Can Be Sexy on Social Media

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On this week’s 3 Tech Guys, Brent Leary, Gene Marks and Ramon Ray shot the stuff about Apple buying beats, Google eyeing Songza, ways to market dry (as in yawn) products like cardboard, and the latest and greatest books, tools and apps for small businesses. Click on the video to watch the full segment.

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The subscription economy – the model for the future?

Apple recently bought headphone-maker Beats Electronics LLC for $3 billion, and Google is reportedly in talks to acquire streaming company Songza.  According to the 3 Tech Guys, Apple bought Beats for a number of strategic reasons. One of the primary reasons is access to Beats subscription music business. The Tech guys say iTunes WAS “hot,” but today it’s quite old. They say the days of consumers synching their iPods and other mobile devices to a computer are over. Today’s users are clamoring to pay a monthly subscription for access to an almost unlimited entree of music or something else. Netflix was right.

What does this mean for businesses?

Brent’s thoughts: “Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Pandora, Birchbox, Barkbox and dozens of other companies have popularized the subscription economy. Will your company be out innovated by a competitor who is able to offer a subscription, at a cheaper cost, than what you are selling your product or services for?”

How “boring” companies can do well on social media

There are very few small companies that are “exciting.”  According to the 3 Tech Guys, most of our businesses are boring – we sell corrugated cardboard, technology consulting services, tax advisory services. But, they say, even boring companies can succeed on social media!

Gene’s thoughts:  “Take a look at @caterpillarinc, these guys are selling farm and construction equipment. But they’re doing a great job on Twitter.  It’s all about educating and staying involved with your community.”

What’s hot

What are some of the latest and greatest books, tools and apps for small businesses?

Ramon recommends: No B.S. For Direct Marketing” by Dan Kennedy, an “old-school awesome marketer  with simple rules like ‘make your marketing easier to read.’  Sounds simple, but it’s important stuff!”

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