How Artificial Intelligence Can Save You a Trip to the Emergency Room

Every year billions of people visit sites like WebMD or NIH to find health information. However, a company called HealthTap wants to help you take your at home health care to the next level.

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HealthTap uses Artificial Intelligence and computer technology to give personalized recommendations on how to treat your symptoms, illnesses, and even tells you when it’s time to see a doctor in person.

HealthTap CEO Ron Gutman discussed how his company incorporated Artificial Intelligence into its mission to improve the standard of healthcare.

“We created in the background this very valuable knowledge base and training set to help us now understand how to answer peoples’ questions and direct them to the right level of care. So basically we’re using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to take this data and direct people to the right care, at the right time, at the right cost,” he said.

HealthTap doesn’t just help you treat your symptoms; it can also directly connect you with the best doctors from all over the world. “HealthTap has a network of more than over 104,000 physicians as we make available to hundreds of millions of people all over the world, in 174 countries, where they find the best health information and connect with the best doctors in like seconds, anytime, anywhere, from any mobile device or personal computer. They can text, video or voice connect with physicians,” Gutman told the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

But is this just another case of eliminating jobs with technology? Gutman said no.

“We don’t change the need to go to a doctor or not. We just help you make the right decision of what level of care you need at any given point or time,” he said.