Homes are flying off the market in these five cities

Moving to California's Bay Area? Well, if you're looking to buy a home, be prepared to move fast -- real fast.

According to a new report by, five of the fastest-selling real estate markets are all located in California's Bay Area.

To determine the list, the personal finance website analyzed the average number of days each house was on the market for in major cities across the country.

Sunnyvale, California, which is situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, topped its list with the average time of 38 days on the market. San Jose came in second with 42 days and Fremont in third with 43 days.

Cities outside the Bay Area that made the top ten list were Seattle (44 days), Newark, New Jersey (45 days) and Boise and Idaho (47 days).

Here are the top five fastest-selling real estate markets right now.

October 29, 2018 Sunnyvale / CA / USA - Urban landscape with newly developed residential buildings in downtown Sunnyvale, south San Francisco bay area, California;

1. Sunnyvale, California

Days on market: 38

Median list price: $1.5 million

Vista of the San Jose skyline, with puffy clouds in the background and residential areas in the foreground.

2. San Jose, California

Days on market: 42

Median list price: $929,000

"view of the bay area from Mission Peak, fremont"

3. Fremont, California

Days on market: 42

Median list price: $1 million

Aerial view of San Francisco city in California, USA

4. San Francisco, California

Days on market: 43

Median list price: $1. 2 million

August 14, 2018 - Uptown Neighborhood of Oakland, California: Uptown is the art and entertainment center of Oakland featuring many bars, cafes, restaurants, theaters, art deco buildings, and love music venues.

5. Oakland, California

Days on market: 44

Median list price: $650,000