Hollywood liberals are strangely quiet: Stuart Varney on Weinstein scandal

Harvey Weinstein, the great movie mogul, has been fired by the company which bears his name. He's accused of abusing women for decades. The allegations are sordid in the extreme. He's a powerhouse in liberal politics, giving a lot of money to women's causes. The hypocrisy stinks.

But from Hollywood, silence. They were rabid in their contempt for President Trump. Remember those award ceremonies? Stephen Colbert turned the Emmy's into a hate-fest. Nothing from him now on Harvey Weinstein

The great actor, Meryl Streep, attacked Trump but called Harvey a god. So far, she and her fellow Hollywood liberals are strangely quiet.

Actually, there's nothing strange about it. They know the jig is up. Are we going to stand for another moral lecture from actors? They stayed silent for years when Harvey was running amok, and they are going to rant about how sexist America is? I think not.

Same with politicians. Hillary Clinton called millions of Americans sexist deplorables. But she and Bill took money from Harvey. Did nobody tell them about him? So did a whole raft of politicians on the Left: Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand, plus President Obama, who went to Weinstein's home for a dinner that raised $2.4 million.

Step back a moment – there's a lot more to come. Whose money was used to pay off the women? Weinstein's own money, or did it come from public companies? And who OK'd it? Who else was propositioned by him and why didn't they come forward?

And most important of all, what is Hollywood going to do now? Their hypocrisy has been exposed...Will they continue to dictate our moral standards?

I have some advice: shut up and act.