Harry Connick Jr. Shattering the Daytime Show Stigma

He’s sold over 28 million albums worldwide and won multiple Grammy Awards. With over four decades performing on Broadway, in film, and on T.V., including a stint as a reality show judge, Harry Connick Jr. is used to show biz. The New Orleans crooner, however, recently stepped into what could be his most challenging role yet: playing himself.

As host and executive producer of the new syndicated daytime entertainment show, “Harry,” Connick Jr. set out to redefine the cut-throat daytime genre.

“Everything I love to do, I get to do on this show. I get to sing, I get to write, arrange for the band, I get to meet incredible people, I get to perform," Connick Jr. tells FOX Business reporter Michael Tammero.

“We wanted to have a party in the middle of the day,” he adds.

Harry Connick

Bethenny Frankel and Meredith Vieira, among others, are the most recent daytime show hosts to call it quits amid low ratings. In order to stand out and avoid a similar fate, Connick Jr. surrounded himself with T.V. veterans including former “Late Show with David Letterman” alums Jason and Eric Stangel and former “Steve Harvey” Executive Producer Jason Kurtz.

“It’s a modern, crazy world and I like to think I can appeal to people of all ages. But there is content that has got some weight to it,” says Connick Jr.

The entertainment industry vet understands the importance of exposure in today's media landscape, which is why he blends his musical talent, happy-go-lucky personality, live guests, taped segments and social media to create a unique brand.

It’s a blessing to come out and perform for these folks everyday

- Harry Connick Jr.

“There used to be only a limited number of ways to get your name out there…nowadays there are infinite ways for people to consume entertainment, much of it is free and much of it is immediate. So you have to sort of rethink accessibility,” says Connick Jr.

And rethink is what the team is doing. With ongoing social media engagement, including the now famous #backitup, Connick Jr. is trying to connect with his fans in as many ways as he can.

“It’s a blessing to come out and perform for these folks every day,” adds Connick Jr.

Be sure to watch his full interview and check out how you can tune in to “Harry” weekdays, right here.