Harassment in Hollywood has been 'swept under the rug for too long': Stephen Baldwin

Actor and producer Stephen Baldwin said Monday the recent sexual assault and harassment allegations in Hollywood have been ‘swept under the rug for too long.’

In an interview with FOX Business’ Trish Regan, Baldwin said some of the reaction coming from inside Hollywood highlights the industry’s liberal progressive agenda.

“It’s really showing a whole lot of people across this country and around the world, this is kind of the perception that tinsel town has. It is a liberal progressive town, it has a message and an agenda,” he said.

The sexual harassment controversy that first came to light with producer Harvey Weinstein and more people have come forward, expanding now to politics with allegations against Sen. Al Franken and Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

“In the wake of a President Trump and the country clearly speaking about [sexual harassment], I think it’s healthy there is a draining of the swamp. Now Americans are standing up and going, ‘Nope, wait a second, I don’t agree with that,’” Baldwin said.

His brother and fellow actor Billy Baldwin recently took aim at the president suggesting Trump once tried to flirt with his then-girlfriend Chynna Phillips, who has been married to the actor since 1995.

Baldwin said his brother never shared such stories with him.

“Billy Baldwin and Alec Baldwin are wonderful folks and I love them very much and they are doing what they think they need to do,” he said on FOX Business’ “The Intelligence Report.”

According to Baldwin, any attempt by people in Hollywood to deter President Trump will not work.

“Ultimately, inevitably, President Trump will do whatever he thinks is necessary relevant to the promises he’s made to this country,” he said.