Grucci Fireworks; the supplier of America's fireworks discusses its success

Before the thousands of fireworks displays go off this Independence Day, Grucci Fireworks President, Phil Grucci, discussed the growth of his family’s sixth generation business, and how this explosive industry has evolved.

Grucci Fireworks is a company that began in the 19th century when Phil Grucci’s great-grandfather came to America, and has since expanded into a full-fledged family operation that has covered eight Presidential Inaugurations.

“My second great-grandfather started the business back in 1850, and brought the business through Ellis Island like many immigrants did back in the early 1900s," Grucci told the FOX Business Network Monday. "Myself, representing the 5thgeneration with my brothers, and sisters, and cousins are now operating and running the company.”

Grucci describes his company’s business as a double bell curve concentrated around the Fourth of July and New Year’s, and despite talk of municipal budget cuts, Grucci says business has remain unchanged.

“We’re seeing overall there’s equal amount of budgets that are going down than there are that are expanding. We consider a flat market for us at this point in time with where we’re going to be good. Some cities are tightening their budgets because it’s not an essential expense if you will, but it really is an essential when it comes to our national independence and celebrating our independence on the Fourth of July.”

Although Grucci supplies most of America’s Independence Day fireworks, it is also expanding to international markets, “particularly in Asia and in the Middle East,” Grucci said.