Government not quite doing perfect job for military: Troops Need You founder

Eric Egland, founder and president of Troops Need You, says some U.S. soldiers are missing the equipment needed for combat, despite government allocated resources.

Egland, who created the Troops Need You organization in an effort to supply troops with the materials needed for their missions,  says soldiers still need more equipment to help them protect the country.

“A lot of people assume that troops have everything that they need for their mission, and that’s true when it comes to guns and tanks, but we’re asking them to do things that are unconventional,” Egland told FOX Business’ Charles Payne. “A lot of the time they need things that are out of the ordinary or they need new versions of old supplies that don’t work as well as the new ones. That’s where we come in.”

Egland’s organization says more than 100,000 Americans have helped support the cause.

“This is a way for everyday Americans to help troops who are in combat, special operations all over the world and get them the equipment that they need for their mission,” Egland said.