Google to Shut Consumer PowerMeter Tool

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is taking energy spent on running its PowerMeter tool elsewhere.

The tech giant said it first launched PowerMeter to raise awareness about the important to giving people access to their energy information, and is excited about the heightened attention brought to the issue since its launch.

Intended as a monitoring feature that enables consumers to save energy and money, PowerMeter uses utility smart meters and energy monitoring devices to view a homes energy consumption from any online source.

But unable to ramp up enough popularity and revenue from the program, Google now says it will be shutting the tool. On its Web site, Google said its efforts have not scaled as quickly as we would have liked.

The company encouraged users to export their data before September 16, after which PowerMeter accounts will no longer be available. It also alerted customers of alternative sources of energy-monitoring tools like AlertMe, Powerhouse Dynamics and WattsUp.

Google has been a big player in getting consumers to realize the weight of their energy consumption and adopt alternative sources of power.

Earlier this month, Google invested $280 million to establish a fund that helps consumers install solar panels on their homes, its largest investment in solar energy yet.