Golf legend Greg Norman: Tiger Woods redeemed himself to America

Golf legend Greg Norman, is “really, really impressed” by Tiger Woods’ comeback, he told FOX Business on Tuesday. “Golf is better for it.”

“I personally dropped Tiger a note off right after the Masters, after I got back from a trip... And in it I basically said, you know, your journey back has been truly impressive,” he told Stuart Varney, adding that he was initially skeptical of Tiger’s ability to  rise to the top again.

“When you're an athlete and you've gone through the ups and downs that he has gone through and to endure those physically is one thing but to come back, to the… top of the pile, of being one of the best players in the world again like he was in the past, to do that is mentally very, very difficult especially when there were moments in the recent past where he thought he had never played golf again,” he said.

Following the Masters victory, Tiger Woods accepted a President Medal of Freedom from President Trump. Norman said America offered Woods redemption and approved of the president’s decision.

“Just look beyond the shores of America,” said Norman. “I think the rest of the world, I mean, you know, I've been in the Middle East, and people are talking about it, so it's resonated globally. It's resonated globally for the good of the game and what the president did yesterday was justifiably deserved.”


Norman, known as “The Great White Shark,” was just named by Delta Private Jets, a subsidiary of Delta Air Lines, as brand ambassador. The jetsetter and businessman said it suited his portfolio of travel on a global basis.

“I’ve had a private plane since, I think, the late 80s and nearly 30 years and I sold my plane and became associated with Delta Private Jets,” he said. “I'm trying to, you know, curtail some of my travels and the simplest and best way of doing it was to be an ambassador for Delta Airlines and Delta Private Jet.”